A downloadable engine

Deucalion is a game engine designed to bridge the gap between restrictive engine/IDE combinations like RPG Maker MV and fully custom engines. Deucalion written in SFML and Rust, making it capable of very good performance. Games for Deucalion are scripted in a domain-specific superset of Lua, a simple but powerful programming language that allows developers whose strengths are in writing or game art rather than programming to use the engine while not preventing those with more programming experience or very specialized engine requirements to specify advanced behavior.

Deucalion natively supports the Tiled map editor's TMX map format (using the tiled crate), allowing arbitrarily large and complex maps to be designed using all available features of this mature, well-supported map editor.

Deucalion is currently a PROTOTYPE and should not be used - this page exists to reserve the name and allow people to assist with debugging/testing. If you would like a pre-alpha copy, please contact me and I will be more than happy to provide one!

Linux is Deucalion's first class platform, but it will fully support Mac OS X and Windows before its 1.0 release (probably in that order, for technical reasons).